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The soothing power of play dough

Does play dough provide a calming benefit? 

Playdough has been a staple in Australian early childhood settings and homes for decades, captivating the imaginations of young children. Beyond its entertainment value, play dough holds a surprising therapeutic benefit—it can be incredibly calming for young children. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind play dough's soothing power and how it can positively impact children's emotional well-being. Sounds good, right?


How exactly can playdough provide sensory engagement

Play dough, in particular, good dough co, provides a rich sensory experience for children. Its soft texture, pliability, and unique smell engage multiple senses, such as touch, sight, and even smell. Sensory activities are known to have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping children regulate their emotions and find comfort in the present moment.

 Kneading and manipulating play dough offerstactile stimulation, which can be deeply relaxing for young children. The repetitive motions of rolling, pressing, and shaping the dough provide a soothing rhythm, similar to the effect of squeezing a stress ball. This tactile engagement can promote a sense of calmness. An absolute must for the early childhood classrooms.

Does playdough offer an expressive outlet

Playdough serves as an expressive medium for children to channel their emotions. As they mold and shape the dough, they have the opportunity to release pent-up feelings or frustrations in a non-verbal and calm way. The act of physically manipulating the dough can serve as a cathartic outlet for emotional expression, offering an emotional release.

 Engaging with play dough requires a level of concentration and focus, As children become absorbed in the process of creating with play dough, they enter a state of flow, experiencing a sense of timelessness and tranquility.

Is playdough open-ended

Yes! That's is the best part! Play dough's open-ended nature, encourages children's imagination and creative exploration. The limitless possibilities of what they can create provide a sense of freedom and autonomy, empowering children to express themselves and bring their visions to life. This freedom of expression promotes relaxation, boosts self-confidence, and fosters a positive mindset.

How can playdough support social and emotional development?

 Engaging in play dough activities can also support social and emotional development. Collaborative play with peers or grownups, promotes cooperation, communication, and turn-taking skills. Sharing ideas, collaborating on creations, and engaging in pretend play scenarios can help children develop empathy, problem-solving skills, and emotional resilience.

Our final thoughts......

Playdough has a unique ability to calm and soothe young children, from sensory engagement and tactile stimulation to providing an expressive outlet and promoting mindful focus, play dough supports emotional well-being and self-regulation. Good dough co, available online, can provide children with a safe and enjoyable outlet for relaxation, creativity, and emotional expression. So, while you are here, check out our range and watch as your child's imaginations come to life, and witness the calming magic of play dough in action


Thankyou to Jem @create4me for these words.

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